LASBRA held six scientific meetings: Santiago, Chile (1994), Washington D.C. (1996), Recife, Brazil (1997), Córdoba, Argentina (1998), São Paulo, Brazil (2011) and Concepción, Chile (2013).

LASBRA activities re-started during the 2008 RSA/ISBRA meeting in Washington, D.C. and members of LASBRA have organized symposia to promote the dissemination of biomedical alcohol researches developed in Latin American countries:

- 2008 RSA/ISBRA Meeting at Washington D.C. – “Advances in Alcohol Research in Latin America” (Dr. Roseli Boerngen-Lacerda and Dr. Rosana Camarini from Brazil).

- 2009 RSA Meeting at San Diego - “Determinants of Ethanol Consumption: From Genetic to Environmental Influences” (Dr. Rosana Camarini from Brazil).

- 2010 ISBRA Meeting at Paris, France – “Behavioral and neurochemical effects of alcohol on the developing brain” (Dr. Ricardo Pautassi from Argentina and Dr. Rosana Camarini from Brazil); “Ethanol sensitization: Thirty years of research into its mechanisms and contributions to alcohol use disorders” (Dr. Isabel Quadros from Brazil); “Ethanol and acetaldehyde metabolism: Central and peripheral effects” (Dr. Yedy Israel from Chile and Dr. Etienne Quertemont from Belgium)

- 2010 Federação de Sociedades de Biologia Experimental at Águas de Lindóia (MG), Brazil – “Drugs of abuse: ontogeny, molecular mechanisms and new targets for therapeutics” (Dr. Rosana Camarini from Brazil).